Welcome to Alex Nolan's Portable freeware utilities
for Windows.

  • System Spec
  • Chronometask
  • MDB Viewer Plus
  • Color Seizer
  • Drive Manager
  • Word Density Seizer
  • Gradient Actualizer
  • Photo Data Explorer
  • CD Key Seizer


Welcome to the website of software, database and web developer Alex Nolan. The  website contains a collection of portable freeware utilities which he has designed and engineered.

These utilities have been designed to be portable. This means that they can executed from removable storage devices such as CD, DVD, Zip Disk, USB memory stick and other USB mass storage devices. Being portable also means that these utilities do not need to be installed. When you next update or reinstall Windows you can simply copy a folder of portable utilities to your new installation.

Another advantage of portable freeware is that it can be used on workstations and servers without running into any licensing issues and without worry about installation conflicts.

Recent update: MDB Viewer Plus. See news page for more details.

MDB Viewer Plus 2.56 screenshot showing split tabs.